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Mercurius Health

Front-end support to evaluate, design, and plan transformation projects (replacement and new sites)

Project delivery

Execution of projects, including directly performing technical elements and offloading client teams where required

Operational empowerment

Management of day-to-day operations of centre on behalf of our clients

Training & education

Training, upskilling and academic services to pass on our knowledge and experience to our clients

IT services

Support to make best use of data for legal, operational and research purposes


Invest on behalf of clients and share risk of replacing equipment and setting up new sites


We provide front-end support to evaluate, design and plan projects together with our clients either for transformation of existing centres through replacement, upgrade or extension of existing equipment and services, or for the development of completely new centres or departments. These services can either be provided as standalone projects or as part of a long-term agreement to provide a full range of services.

Advisory service Mercurius Health
Our services in the area of advisory include:

Practice transformation audit

We conduct an end-to-end audit of your patient pathway, assess it against international guidelines and best-in-class practices, and make recommendations for improvement on clinical, operational and commercial aspects.

Clinical strategy

We assess your patient population, referral pathways, and surrounding ecosystem to recommend the clinical strategy which would be most effective in your local community.

Equipment and software selection

We help clients navigate the range of vendors and solutions available in the market in order to select the most effective combination to deliver your clinical and commercial objectives.

Business plan preparation

Based on our analysis of your operational and financial performance we apply the clinical strategy to your reimbursement and cost environment and help you develop a complete business plan for a transformation project. This includes investment requirements and expected returns in order to help you secure the funding needed to deliver a successful project.

Workflow design

With continuously increasing patient populations and spiralling costs of healthcare, it is ever more important to be as efficient as possible in the delivery of care. We have extensive experience of designing effective patient workflows to suit clients’ specific settings, reduce time spent on activities that don’t add value to patients, and deliver the best possible experience for patients and staff. This includes working with your architects to design the layout of a centre as well as the IT backbone to streamline processes.

Radiation protection and regulatory support

Our expert Medical Physicists produce radioprotection studies in order to accurately carry out the construction of new bunkers and development of new services in compliance with existing regulation. We also provide regulatory support to help our clients ensure the ongoing compliance of their care for patients.

Assess data migration requirements

We evaluate clients’ existing records and recommend solutions to efficiently migrate to the new systems they are moving to, in order to continue to have rapid access to treatment data and comply with patient record legislation.

Assess staff training requirements

We help clients to map the existing skills of their teams and any potential gaps that need to be addressed in order to develop new services and launch complex techniques.

Project planning and IT roadmap

We provide full project management support to plan the phasing of customers’ equipment replacement cycle including installation and commissioning of equipment, migration and implementation of new IT systems, and training of staff.

To find out more about the advisory services we are able to provide, please contact us.

Project Delivery

We help customers execute projects whilst ensuring strict compliance to timelines and budgets. This includes directly performing the technical aspects of implementing a project as well as offloading the local team during the process to allow them to spend the required time in following the project and training.

Project delivery service
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Our services in the area of project delivery include:

Project Management

We provide a dedicated Project Manager to plan and manage each project. The Project Manager will ensure that there is a single point of contact for all team members who form part of the project and that the project plan is adhered to.

Clinical practice transformation

We jointly establish the existing clinical practices blueprint with the client and map the investment, technical, informatic and clinical workstreams sequencing. This approach allows to respect the pace and focus to the unique local transformation need.

Data migration

We carry out the complete migration of clients’ patient records and treatment data from legacy systems onto the new platform we are installing. Our IT team has experience working in both Varian and Elekta environments as well as other sector specialists and has carried out migrations between most platforms currently operating in RT clinics.

Linac and TPS commissioning

Our team of experienced Medical Physicists carry out the commissioning of new equipment and systems on behalf of hospitals and the main equipment vendors and have experience across all platforms, having commissioned over 50 Linacs. We provide all parts of the process including acceptance, beam data collection, beam matching, modelling, validation and reporting. We are able to provide a complete team or supplement the local team during the commissioning process and can typically complete the service in 2-3 weeks depending on the energies and techniques required by the client.

IT infrastructure management

We support clients to install new IT equipment and software, as well as clinical equipment in collaboration with the relevant vendors.

ePlanning and eQA

Our dosimetrists and Medical Physicists provide remote support for treatment planning and machine Quality Assurance to clients across a range of different countries. Through our proprietary platform, Mercurius Connect, our experienced staff provide support during the implementation of projects, to offload the local team.

Mercurius Connect

Installing Mercurius Connect allows our clients’ staff to carry out treatment planning, contouring and other tasks from any location, providing significant flexibility for their Physicists, Doctors and Dosimetrists to work remotely.

Managing construction

We manage architects and contractors on behalf of customers to ensure the build is carried out in line with project timelines, budget and that the final product complies with all regulatory and technical requirements.

To find out more about the support we are able to provide to help you execute your project, please contact us.

Outsourced Operations

We provide ongoing daily support to our clients to ensure they are able to provide the best possible care to their patients. This can be provided either remotely or through the on-site presence of our teams. Our solutions can be provided on either a long-term basis or on-demand for example during peak activity, staff absence or as specialist support for complex treatments.

Outsourced operations services
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Our services in the area of outsourced operations include:

Staffing of specialist personnel, such as RTTs, Medical Physicists, Dosimetrists and Medical Doctors

Regardless of whether we provide certain staff groups or a multidisciplinary team, our personnel become an integrated part of the departments with a constant focus on serving the needs of our clients and providing the best treatment for their patients.

ePlanning and eQA

Our dosimetrists and Medical Physicists provide remote support for treatment planning and machine Quality Assurance to clients across a range of different countries. Through our proprietary platform, Mercurius Connect, our experienced staff provide ongoing remote planning and QA as well as on-demand support for complex techniques and specific pathologies. This way we help our clients provide all techniques and have an efficient staff structure locally.

Data management

Unique in industry combination of experienced corporate IT professionals with in depth understanding and knowledge of oncology specific data requirements and needs. Focus on developing vendor-neutral data repositories providing scalable, secure and accessible data pools. We provide relevant accurate business and clinical reporting while ensuring data is available for future clinical needs and research.

Delivery and compliance audit

Adherence to international standards (such as ISO or scientific societies recommendations/guidelines) and regulations (such as EURATOM/GDPR) allows to level the field in terms of consistency of clinical practices, quality and safety, as well as to uplift them. We offer services to establish the clinical quality & risk profile and subsequent mitigation strategies for compliance and improvement purposes. These services are also complemented by detailed dosimetric accuracy/precision and risk management audits.

Service and maintenance of equipment

In conjunction with our partners, we provide engineering support to increase uptime of equipment and manage a holistic preventative maintenance program to avoid interruptions to patient treatment schedules.

Managing complete operation on behalf of our clients

We run the operation of entire departments including all staff groups, with the level of integration with rest of the hospital that our clients require. Our Management Services and Equipment Financing models allow our clients to share both operational and financial risk with Mercurius.

To find out more about the support we are able to provide, please contact us.

Training & Education

We provide training, upskilling and academic services to pass on our knowledge and experience and help our clients’ staff excel in their roles, utilise new tools and develop new treatment techniques safely. This can also include full workflow review and training for new clinics or revamp of processes for existing clinics to implement paperless workflows or efficiency improvements.

Oncologist female doctor teaching young doctor
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Our services in the area of training and education include:

Training on new equipment and software

Our trainers have experience across all the different vendor platforms and provide training on how to deliver care using new software and tools.

Clinical upskilling to enable new techniques

We provide theoretical and practical upskilling to support the safe implementation of new services such as SBRT and SRS.

Assistance on implementing process improvement and ongoing training program within clinics.

To find out more about the training and education we are able to provide, please contact us.

Data Enhancement

Historically Radiation Oncology has not leveraged the data produced during day-to-day operations effectively, despite large amounts of data being produced continuously during a treatment cycle. Medical data has a high value to the provider as well as external parties and is therefore a high-risk asset, and providers are under legal obligation to maintain accessible records of patients treated for a long time.

Data Enhancement service
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We securely migrate historical data to vendor neutral systems which allows for rapid retrieval during retreatment episodes but also prepares for any type of research or investigation in the future. We also provide solutions that improve the online data processes and workflows for real time reporting, efficiency and overall understanding of clinical processes.

Our services in the area of data enhancement include:

Data migration

We carry out the complete migration of clients’ patient records and treatment data from legacy systems into vendor neutral platforms. Our IT team has experience from working in different vendor environments as well as informatics specialists and has carried out migrations between most platforms.

Data curation

Partnerships with AI driven informatic organisations for helping to set up research ready data pools and allow for reporting and feedback from existing historical data for future planning and historical research. Focus on implementing data driven efficiencies for understanding clinical flows and outcomes.

Data compliance management and audit

Consulting on data security and implementing regulatory compliant workflows and data systems. Reviewing existing systems for risk and vulnerabilities.

Data leveraging

Implementation of real time reporting for business and clinical planning. Utilizing clinical and technical expertise for workflow planning and streamlining.

To find out more about the data enhancement services we are able to provide, please contact us.


We are able to invest on behalf of clients and share the risk of replacing equipment and setting up new sites. We can provide full financing of project capex, often in conjunction with other services through partnership with our clients.

Financing services
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To find out more about the financing solutions we are able to provide, please contact us.