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Our expertise, experience and partnerships with vendors, developers and innovators allow us to provide public & private hospitals and cancer treatment centres a wide variety of solutions to meet their individual requests and unique requirements. We help our customers implement end-to-end solutions, providing advisory services, project delivery, operational support, training & education, data enhancement and equipment financing.
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Concept design, shielding studies, legal requirements, support on selection of equipment, commissioning, acceptance testing, equipment quality control and implementation of specialized techniques (VMAT/RapidArc, IGRT and respiratory gating, SRS, SBRT, etc).

Including selection of equipment based on strategic objectives and referral patterns, data migration, integration & networking, ensuring data security while enabling reporting and data analysis for research, reporting and industry collaboration.

Of optimized procedures, workflow, templates and methods across all departmental functions for maximum throughput.

In parallel with managing tasks and processes on behalf of clients to offload the local team.

  • Physics – quality assurance of equipment and procedures, verification and alerts, incident reporting, protocol definitions for treatment techniques, verification and validation of plans.
  • Dosimetry – planimetry execution & validation, isodose calculation, protocol definition.
  • Treatment – patient position and immobilization, monitoring and image-based quality assurance protocols.

For all treatment modalities according to international guidelines and specific protocols, with experience in all leading treatment planning systems such as Eclipse and XIO, Monaco and Helios, supported by Mercurius’ proprietary IT platform Mercurius Connect.

The ORION project aims to create a global approach to planning radiotherapy treatments and allowing for better management of human resources.It is intended to automate the process of building treatment plans, through image editing techniques, 3D modeling and optimization tools used in combination with artificial intelligence, reducing the time spent on the procedure. See More.


Radiation Oncology

Turnkey solutions for best-in-class treatments

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Nuclear Medicine

State of the art diagnostics and treatment protocols

Pinnacle Evolution
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Imaging techniques using Gamma Cameras, Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT) and Positron Emission Tomography (PET), with unique insight into the physiopathology of any system being imaged, as well as to new therapeutic radioisotope-based treatments in the emerging field of theranostics.

Full scope of consulting and operational services, from planning through start-up and daily operation in compliance with local regulations and international guidelines.

  • Departmental design, selection of equipment, radiation protection studies.
  • Acceptance testing, equipment commissioning and quality control.
  • Development and implementation of optimized procedures and workflows in line with local regulations.
  • Preparation of radiopharmaceuticals, clinical diagnostic exams and radioisotope therapies.
  • Medical Physics services, including instruments and procedures quality assurance, individual dosimetry surveillance and control, radioactive waste management, radiation protection and accreditation.
  • On-the-job training of client’s teams.
  • Remote client support services.