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 Mercurius Health acquires Robert Janker Klinik in Bonn, Germany, previously owned by MEDICLIN

Mercurius Health acquires Robert Janker Klinik in Bonn, Germany, previously owned by MEDICLIN

Robert Janker Klinik is specialised in radiotherapy, interventional radiology and palliative care. The transaction includes the replacement of all equipment in the clinic to deliver state-of-the-art diagnostics and oncology related treatments.

PD Dr. med. Azize Boström, Prof. Dr. Attila Kovács, John Allen, CEO Mercurius Health, Prof. Dr. Michael Pinkawa

MEDICLIN has found the right partner in Mercurius Health for the further development of the clinic, which specialises in minimally invasive diagnostics and cutting-edge oncology therapies. The Medical Care Center (MVZ) Bonn, which belongs to the clinic, will also be transferred. 

Mercurius Health is the leading European provider of B2B oncology services and since a change in management 2020 has announced a series of new projects in Portugal and Spain where it has supported its partners to extend their cancer service offering. Mercurius already provides consultancy and training services to German hospitals and oncology centers. 

The acquisition is a partnership with the local clinical team in line with the company’s strategy to help hospitals and cancer centres provide better care for patients, realising the full potential of technology to enhance people’s lives. The acquisition will be followed by a significant investment of almost €20m in refurbishing the facilities and replacing all the existing equipment with state-of-the-art technology. This will enable the next generation treatment techniques in radiotherapy as well as ground-breaking image-guided interventions, further improving the capabilities of an institution already renowned for its treatment of numerous oncological and benign conditions in, for example, the prostate and the brain.

“We are pleased that we have found a solution for this specialist clinic and its MVZ that ensures an innovative professional development of the renowned clinic and can also offer all employees a secure job in the future,” said Tino Fritz, CFO of MEDICLIN, and added: “In cancer research and in the development and implementation of modern therapies, the financial and scientific resources must be bundled, this is the only way to treat patients successfully”.

Prof. Dr. Michael Pinkawa, Medical Director, Head Physician of the Clinic for Radiotherapy and Radiooncology stated “We are all excited about partnering with Mercurius Health and we have co-developed a plan to transform the clinic which enables us to improve the care we give to our patients to another level of excellence”. His colleague Prof. Dr. Attila Kovács, Head Physician of the Clinic for Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology and Neuroradiology, concurs that “together, we stand eagerly at the beginning of a new and sustainable era for the clinic, in which we will deepen our expertise in research and give more patients from Bonn, Germany and abroad access to minimally invasive therapies that reduce side effects, offer the best possible quality of life and shorten hospitalisation to a minimum”.

The clinic will also be used as a training facility in order to share technical and clinical know-how and provide consulting services to help other hospitals make the best use of technology to provide better care. “This project brings us closer to our customers in Germany and Northern Europe and also provides us with an opportunity to demonstrate how we deliver transformation projects and improve outcomes in cancer care” said John Allen, CEO of Mercurius Health.

The transaction was signed on the 11 of January and has been completed following regulatory approvals. The equipment replacement will begin immediately and is expected to run in several phases over the next three years.


MEDICLIN includes 33 clinics, six care facilities and eleven medical care centres. The Group has around 8,300 beds/care places and employs around 10,000 people. In a strong network, MEDICLIN offers the patient integrative care from the first visit to the doctor through the operation and subsequent rehabilitation to outpatient aftercare. Doctors, therapists and nurses work together in a carefully coordinated manner. MEDICLIN designs the care and support of people in need of care according to their individual needs and personal needs.

MEDICLIN ─ a company of the Asklepios Group. www.mediclin.de

For further information about MEDICLIN: 

Investor Relations: Alexandra Mühr – Tel.: 0781/488-326 – alexandra.muehr@mediclin.de

Public Relations: Gabriele Eberle – Tel.: 0781/488-180 – gabriele.eberle@mediclin.de 

About Robert Janker Klinik

The clinic provides inpatient and outpatient care within the fields of interventional radiology, radiotherapy and palliative care. It provides innovative procedures such as embolization of prostate and liver, fusion biopsies, stereotactic treatments of brain, lung and prostate, as well as brachytherapy for both male and female reproductive organs. It was founded in 1937 and receives patients from the local area as well as all over Germany and internationally. https://www.robert-janker-klinik.de/

About Mercurius Health

Mercurius Health is the European leader of B2B services to hospitals and oncology centers with specialisations in radiotherapy, nuclear medicine and radiology. Services include advisory, remote planning, commissioning, training & education, outsourced operations and financing of equipment used in centres and are mostly provided in Europe and Africa. https://mercuriushealth.com/de/

For further information about Robert Janker Klinik and Mercurius Health:

Lowe Sporre – Director of Corporate Development – lowe.sporre@mercuriushealth.com  
Laura Terzagui – Director of Marketing & Communications – laura.terzagui@mercuriushealth.com

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