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 Mercurius Health to Showcase Comprehensive Oncology Solutions at ESTRO 2024 (Booth 90)

Mercurius Health to Showcase Comprehensive Oncology Solutions at ESTRO 2024 (Booth 90)

When it comes to cancer, it is crucial to stimulate scientific knowledge exchange among field specialists and industry experts. ESTRO, a non-profit, scientific organisation, whose mission is to “foster, in all its aspects, radiotherapy (also known as radiation oncology), clinical oncology and related subjects, including physics as applied to radiotherapy, radiation technology and radiobiology” is again holding its annual international congress in spring 2024.

ESTRO works to promote the standards of practice in radiotherapy, clinical oncology and related subjects, and its yearly congress in 2024 presents an opportunity for diverse specialists in the field to showcase their innovative solutions and foster collaborations with industry partners. Diverse experts and companies will be able to collaborate with fellow professionals and contribute to the advancement of radiation oncology towards optimal health for all.

Mercurius Health, a leading provider of specialist radiotherapy and nuclear medicine services, is once again eagerly preparing to participate in the prestigious ESTRO 2024 conference, which will take place from 3-7 May in Glasgow, UK. As a dedicated advocate for advancing radiation oncology, Mercurius Health recognises ESTRO’s 2024 congress as a pivotal moment for industry leaders to convene, exchange knowledge, cultivate partnerships, and explore cutting-edge advancements in the relentless and crucial work against cancer.

With a distinguished team of over 250 oncology experts, Mercurius Health is looking forward to exhibiting its state-of-the-art solutions at stand 90 during the event. Renowned for delivering bespoke advisory services, technical cooperation, operations support, and comprehensive training, Mercurius Health has become a leader in the provision of specialised advanced oncology services for healthcare businesses across Europe, with a particular focus on UK, Germany, Spain and Portugal.

Mercurius’ paramount mission is to facilitate hospitals and cancer centres in providing optimal care for oncological patients worldwide. Its participation in ESTRO 2024 represents an invaluable opportunity to engage with fellow professionals, share insights, and actively contribute to the ongoing advancement of adiation oncology, radiology and nuclear medicine. ESTRO’s visionary statement for 2030, encapsulated as “Radiation Oncology. Optimal Health for All, Together.”, aligns with Mercurius’ unwavering commitment to ensuring accessible, high-value radiation therapy. The congress’s thematic focus, “Radiation Oncology: Bridging the Care Gap,” also underscores the critical need to address the multifaceted challenges and opportunities inherent in delivering comprehensive cancer care.

Leveraging a holistic approach to project management and support across all stages, Mercurius Health is well-positioned to aid in bridging this critical care gap.

From project inception, providing solutions fully customised to the hospital environment and financial situation, right through to its day-to-day operations. Mercurius Health offers tailored support, encompassing on-site or remote physics, IT assistance, and varied training specifically developed to meet their client’s individual needs and timelines. The company’s well-rounded expertise in regulatory compliance, quality assurance, and safety protocols ensures the delivery of unique standards of care for patients undergoing radiation therapy.

ESTRO 2024 will serve as an invaluable platform for healthcare professionals and enterprises to showcase their groundbreaking solutions and forge partnerships with industry peers. At Mercurius, everyone is enthusiastic about the opportunity to interact with fellow specialists to exchange insights, and collectively contribute to the forward momentum of radiation oncology towards the attainment of optimal health for all.

As the ESTRO congress continues to serve as a catalyst for translating scientific advancements and evidence into tangible practice, Mercurius remains steadfast in its dedication to driving progress within the field of oncology. By actively addressing the evolving needs of radiotherapy professionals and embracing its pivotal role in shaping policy, Mercurius Health aspires to further reinforce the significant role of radiation oncology as a core partner in multidisciplinary cancer care.

Attendees of ESTRO 2024 are encouraged to visit Mercurius Health at stand 90 to gain deeper insights into its innovative oncology solutions and unwavering commitment to fostering optimal health for all.

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