IRCA, the radiosurgery revolution in Spain with the ZAP-X technology

IRCA, the radiosurgery revolution in Spain with the ZAP-X technology

Madrid, 19 December 2022. The Institute of Advanced Radiosurgery (IRCA) is born on the initiative of a group of Spanish doctors, in collaboration with Viamed Salud and Mercurius Health, at the Viamed Santa Elena Hospital in Madrid., “We offer the most modern technology in radiosurgery for the treatment of brain, head and neck injuries”, explains Dr. Kita Sallabanda Díaz MD Ph.D. Neurosurgeon and Medical Director of the centre, who heads the IRCA team together with Dr. Morena Sallabanda, MD Ph.D. Radiation Oncologist.

From left to right: Paulo Goncalves, CEO Viamed; Pablo Jiménez-Herrera, Managing Director IRCA; John Allen, CEO Mercurius Health and Dr. Kita Sallabanda next to the ZAP-X.

The technology Dr. Kita Sallabanda refers to is the ZAP-X, the most modern radiosurgery system for treating a variety of central nervous system pathologies; cranial and cervical lesions, such as malignant and benign tumours. Additionally, other conditions such as oncological pain – hitherto untreatable – neuropathic pain, vascular malformations, epilepsy or different psychiatric diseases can also be treated.

In addition to the scope and innovation that this technology represents, the ZAP-X challenges two other main conventions. Firstly, it is a machine that does not require a bunker; in fact, it is located above ground in a room with large windows which improves the experience of the patient. Secondly, it is also non-polluting since, it does not use cobalt sources for its treatments, unlike other existing equipment.

Furthermore, among the many features of the ZAP-X, it stands out for its precision and efficient distribution of radiation. Thanks to its real-time positioning control system, it has a margin of error of less than 1 millimetre and it has 16,200 beam directions which minimises the likelihood of side effects.

This equipment, implemented in collaboration with Mercurius Health (leaders in advanced oncology solutions), is a pioneer in the radiosurgery sector. With only 10 units in the world, of which 4 are in Europe, IRCA is the first and only centre to have the ZAP-X in Spain.

The Viamed Santa Elena Hospital thus incorporates one of the most innovative radiosurgery institutes into its offering, to provide patients the most advanced technology for the treatment of neuro and head and neck disease, being the only hospital in our country with this type of technology. Patients also benefit from comprehensive management of their pathologies thanks to the multidisciplinary team that the hospital provides.

About IRCA

The Institute of Advanced Radiosurgery (IRCA), based at the Viamed Santa Elena Hospital, specialises in the effective treatment of brain pathologies, with the most innovative techniques and technology, and with treatments specially personalised for each patient. It is the first and only centre in Spain to use ZAP-X, the most advanced stereotactic brain radiosurgery system in the world.

The team of doctors is made up of professionals of great international prestige, who not only dedicate themselves to treating patients, but also to research and training the neurosurgeons and radiation oncologists of the future and to be able to continue advancing in the techniques of the treatment of benign and malignant brain tumours, as well as neurovascular and functional diseases.

About Viamed

Viamed Salud is one of the leading Hospital Groups of the Spanish market created in 2001. It has 13 hospitals and 15 health centres in Andalusia, Aragon, Catalonia, La Rioja, Murcia and Madrid. Its objective is to provide those regions where it is present with added value for their population in terms of health, always meeting the highest standards of quality for the patient.

The group is made up of 2,300 healthcare professionals, highly qualified and specialised in the treatment of different pathologies, prioritising the human and close treatment of our patients. Its hospital facilities are characterised by modern equipment, the latest medical-surgical technology and a policy of respect and environmental sustainability.

About Mercurius Health

Mercurius Health is Europe’s leading provider of B2B services to hospitals and cancer centres specialising in radiotherapy, nuclear medicine and radiology. We help hospitals and cancer centres deliver better care to their patients, harnessing the full potential of technology and human teams to improve people’s lives. Services include consultancy, remote planning, commissioning, training and education, outsourced operations and equipment financing, often combined in turnkey projects.

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